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PCM exists to advance God’s kingdom by bringing people to Christ, maturing and equipping them for their ministry in the church and their life missions in the world, while magnifying God. PCM is also an equipping center, focused on training the ears of the hearer to perceive and receive the voice of our Creator.

Our Call:

We were all created with an innate ability to hear God, but because of the sin of the world, we must be retrained and become attuned to his voice. PCM trains the people of God to hear His voice with clarity and confidence through the Spiritual Gifts Development Curriculum. The vision is to develop clear and concise understanding of the prophetic and apostolic anointing, as well as the different dimensions of spiritual gifts. PCM focuses on sharpening and maturing people’s spiritual gifts to serve the body of Christ.


This curriculum focuses on equipping the student with powerful information and teaches the importance of revelation, discipline, character, and submission. Courses are divided into two segments: teachings and activations.


o Understand the biblical principles and purpose of spiritual gifts
o Understand the prophetic and apostolic ministry
o Build confidence in their ability to hear the voice of God
o Develop Christ-like character
o Minster to others


o Restoration of the Gifts

o God Wants to Communicate

o Discerning the Voice of God
o Christ’s Commands Concerning Spiritual Gifts
o Ministering the Mind of Christ
o The Revelation Gifts
o Keys to the Kingdom

o Five Methods of Prophesying
o God’s Prophetic Purpose for Praise
o Releasing the Voice of God in Worship
o Developing Prophetic Teams

o Prophetic Training Schedule
o Outreach: Love Lady Center

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